Auto Glass Maintenance


A lot of people are familiar with cars, but they may not know the different parts of a car. There are two types of auto glass which many people do not know. The two categories have different functions, and they work well in particular windows. However, one characteristic is common to them; they are versatile and impact resistant thus they can last longer than other usual glasses. There two types of auto glass.

Laminated safety glass – This glass is usually appropriate for a car’s window. It is composed of several glass pieces that have a thin layer of vinyl. The glass is heated and compressed using an autoclave which is some oven. When something hits the glass, it shatters, but the pieces of glass do not fall off because the vinyl holds them in position.

Tempered glass – This type of Atchison Auto Glass is suitable for side windows and rear windows of a vehicle. Making this kind of glass requires a particular procedure which makes it have excellent properties. The glass is heated to high temperatures, and then it is cooled rapidly. This process results in a durable glass although when an object hits it hard, it breaks and its pieces are not attached as in laminated safety glass, but the pieces drop down. The broken pieces do not have sharp edges like those of a broken drinking glass.

A major factor which breaks auto glass is car accidents which require a complete change of screen, but there are certain events which may crack the windshield of a car such as when gravel knocks the screen, and this would require minor repair works. The shaking or vibration of a vehicle when in motion can lead to an increase of the cracking which may end up to an expensive undertaking of complete replacement. In some occasions, it is an offense to drive a car with a shattered or cracked screen, and it can lead to massive traffic fines.

Nowadays, changing a windscreen is a simple undertaking unlike in the past because you do not have to drive your damaged vehicle to the Atchison Power Window Repair shop, but you need to contact the auto glass repair expert who will come to your home or workplace to make the repair. Before commencement of maintenance works, the expert must clean the window area and remove any old adhesive. The repair process involves cleaning the window area while removing any adhesives that might have stuck around before fitting the new window. The expert then adds an adhesive to the channel that holds the glass in place and then fits the window. In about sixty minutes, the work is accomplished.

If the screen has a crack, it is recommendable that an expert does a repair as soon as possible to prevent further cracking. The repair process takes about 30 minutes.


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